Sales Collateral Copywriter Services

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The objectives for an Sales Collateral copywriting we do are to gain attention, engage readers and get them to BUY! Everything we write is designed to support the ultimate of getting and keeping customers.

Sales Presentations Copywriter

We develop the best format for sales presentations to put BENEFITS right out front to fire up prospects and customers to decide to buy – NOW (and later!)

Sales Letters Copywriter

Our sales letters make the CUSTOMER the focus. We work on organizing the offers in a way that leads the reader to WANT buy –to spend on something they want.

Sales Sheet & Flyers Copywriter

Sales Sheets and flyer need to be direct and easy-to-understand. The Call to Action should be forceful and drive action – contact us.

Case Studies Copywriter

Our case study writing displays your successful experience and capabilities. It sets the stage for new sales by showing the hard number results for previous efforts.

Sales Events Copywriter

We write sales events copy that will fire up the prospective visitor to “show up.” Our work also help to get the presenters – your sales staff – excited about what they have to show AND how much they can SELL!

Promotion Copywriter

Sales promotions are designed to SELL specific products RIGHT NOW! Our copy will help your sales staff achieve greater sales AND learn how to sell more of other products at the same time.

Direct Mail and Email Copywriter

Our Direct mail and email copy is designed to home in on the exact things prospective buyers consider important. Give highly focused lists and get the words and phrases that most appeal to the target audience.

Direct Marketing Copywriter

Our writing goal for direct marketing materials is to get people to BUY – by making a concise, clear, benefit-rich offer.

Product and Training Video Copywriter

We use highly memorable “Sticky words©” to get gain attention and help audiences to understand the material you want presented.

Product videos we write are designed to create demand.

Our training Video copy drives retention and practical use of its contents.

Product Public Relations Copywriter

We write copy that makes a new or revised product a “hero,” giving readers a clear idea of the benefits THEY will receive if they purchase it.

Every product has its own story, and we are the folks who write so YOU get a happy ending.

Technical Writing Copywriter

Our Technical Copywriting is precise and complete without requiring readers to work harder than necessary. Essentially, our work is to get all facts organized in a logical way so readers will WANT to read all about the topic and understand what is written.