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Corporate/Leadership Copywriting Services – Columbus Ohio

Building and Supporting Your Brand

The word “Brand” has been overused, just like every other phrase that relates to being in business.

But it is important. In order to get and keep customers – and bankers, investors and employees – every organization needs to stand for something and have a great “personality.”


Your brand incorporates more than a logo or tagline or a building, it represents all the things you stand for and all the things you do. Just like every entity, the people you want to interact with need to have trust in you and see perceived value in what you sell. Your company has to have a personality that people can relate to.


We provide corporate copywriting based on a process we invented, the Great Wheel of Relationships©, which uses facts and emotions to develop and maintain your brand presence. “Sticky words©” and Value Positioning Statements build a Fortune 100 enterprise level brand for any size company.

Get positive attention

We use disruptive language to get your audience to pay attention to what you have to say about buying your products or services. But there’s more to it than that. The brand persona we create will have meaning and position what you offer as unique and better than your competitors.

Get credit for what you do

Once your audience is paying attention, you have to regularly tell people WHY they need to buy your offering. Your corporate copywriting has to make sure they not only understand what you sell or also why it benefits them. In everything we write, we tell people how what you sell makes life better, difficult task easier or is entertaining.

Be consistent

People need to be reminded to recognize your organization for the good things it does, and our goal is to support a constant brand image. Just like with people, inconsistent personalities make people uneasy. This is why the first goal of our corporate copywriting is to support a dependable image that customers will come to identify immediately.

Business-to-Business (B2B) or Business-to-Consumer (B2C)

No matter what kind of audience you want to reach, our professional copywriting will work to meet your organizational objectives,  timeframe and budget tailored to fit your situation.

How Can We Help You?

Your organization has to have star quality – you have to stand out from all the other people who do the same thing. You need to create – and maintain a strong brand, a presence that is unique to you and supports the quality of the organization itself and everything it does.

We write corporate newsletters that inform and influence stakeholders to “follow” your organization and all its activities. We make those who interact with your company your ardent supporters.

Our goal with a corporate brochure is to position your brand as the go-to for all the benefits customers, employees and communities want from an organization.

The purpose of advertising is to get your audience to change and/or maintain what they are doing – to become involved with what you do rather than with your competitors and regular customers. We write advertising that sells!

Creating a white paper takes time and organization to find and array all the facts that tell readers about your proven quality based on hard numbers and experience. We can turn a factual account into a powerful tool.

Having the opportunity to write an article gives us the chance to create a story in news reporter style that will prepare information and education about your organization, products and services in specific applications of your expertise.

Writing a case study is a way for us to talk about a specific example of a client’s successful experience with your organization and the products, services and customer service you provide.

Every biography gives you the opportunity to present the character, work ethic and superior capabilities of one of your staff – or even an entire team. Our work makes your people look good.

The way we approach public relations material is that they will change how people think of your organization, what it does and the people who make it work. PR is about image – and we can make yours sparkle.

We write video scripts that take advantage of movement, technology and appearance to produce work that will inform, sway, teach and/or inform others in a professional and charming way.

You need to train people efficiently and thoroughly – that’s why we provide 21st century copywriting for training. No long typewritten pages, no “snooze-fest” material that doesn’t motivate people- just sophisticated simplicity that gets the job done.
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We write the kind of event copy that will get motivated to stimulated – excited about going to see what you have to show them. We believe in producing material that will cause people to come AND, when they get there – be happy that they attended.