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First, it has to be something new(sy)

Public Relations Copywriting is complicated.  The basics seem simple, but the fact is – you have to understand exactly what the press wants – and make sure you give it to them.  Our first law of public relations is that whatever you put in a press release has to be Newsworthy. 

It’s our mission – and one of our unique specialties – to importize your business.  Any occasion can and should be worthy of a press release – IF it can be made more important.


Our PR writing style is to “importize” what you want the world to know.   “Importize” is a word we created to describe making something seem extremely important.  We think that any special event, product introduction, physical move or other happening can be made important enough to get attention – from the press and others.

Press release copywriting that expands the scope of even a simple thing is based on having what we call the “and that’s because…” reason.  For example, you are moving to a new location – that’s not necessarily a big deal.  However, consider this headline: “XYZ Corporation moves to larger quarters because of rapid growth of sales.” 

Just moving isn’t necessarily earth-shaking, but “rapid sales growth” is.  The media – and their readers – want to know more.   “What does XYZ do?” “How and why are they getting more sales?” and – most importantly – “Can I benefit from their success?”

The business of PR distribution

There are several ways that Press Releases can be distributed in several ways.

  • “Old style” distribution is based on chatting up one or media sources and creating a relationship with them to get a release posted quickly. That’s still important in two situations: 1. A strictly local business that has no need to go further, and 2. To get special attention from the key influential media in an industry.
  • Online distribution – usually through a service that will post a release to a large number of media, influential websites and other distribution resources.

Always looking to impress Google

We can – and will – handle either type of distribution for a small fee and enough to cover the distributor’s fee.  Both situations can help with SEO because of the potential of links.  When we do PR copywriting and old style work with key media, we look to get placement of a client blog or article to get a link to the media outlet.

Those types of links are very impressive to Google and should help your page ranking.

Press Kit Copywriting

If you have a major event or plan to do regular press releases, we recommend considering a press or media kit.

A page on your website allows the media – or other important folks – to look at key information about any event and your organization. OR better yet -download it. 

We do press kit copywriting that includes lot of resources and information for reporters, publishers and online information resources. Our complete press kits make it really easy for influencers to quickly learn everything about your brand, products/services, key staff and access photos and marketing materials they can use. 

Our writing makes for a great press kit, which makes the media happy because it has needed to put your story together and easily reach a designated contact.

Make Your Content a Priority.
I certainly will.

Increase Conversion Rates

We use “Sticky words©” to build your story – to gain and keep attention by creating a strong positive perception. “Sticky Words” are memorable and give prospects unique reasons to do business with you. “Sticky words©” that get people to want to find out more about what you do and how they might be able to benefit from it.

Reduce Bounce Rate

Copywriting that provides convincing reasons for visitors to engage with your work and read more – and more.


Drive More Traffic

Keywords and phrases that draw visitors to your site because you have content that relates to benefits they want.


Turn your traffic into loyal customers and return visitors. Don't miss out!

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