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Charisma PR Works Differently

We provide corporate copywriting based on a process we invented, the Great Wheel of Relationships© The Great Wheel Appeals to Both the Rational and the Emotional thinking of a prospect.


Perception is Reality

Charisma PR works with you to create the messages – verbal, written, printed or electronic — that help you create a strong, positive perception and “sell” YOU so people consider doing business with you 


Basically, “the decision to buy” is based on two things:

  1. EMOTIONAL –  Feeling that you are “good people” and will meet their needs – and WANTS
  2. RATIONAL – Getting clear evidence to justify the decision to do business with you

You HAVE to be different and stand out!

We’re all uber-busy, with too little time and too much to do. So, like most people we glance through all the “stuff” we receive, making quick decisions on what will actually be considered.

We all do this, every day. It doesn’t make any difference whether we’re dealing with junk mail or electronic junk – television, print ads, emails, social media posts. We discard or ignore countless things with the chant “Ignore the junk” running in the background.

Unless something really DIFFERENT catches your interest, it gets DISCARDED – right now, after only a quick glance.


Value Positioning Statements

Value Positioning Statements

Value Positioning Statements are designed to be different – and intrusive.  The objective is to get potential customers to be intrigued enough to take the time to find out “what’s THIS about?”

  • Draw attention to the fact that you’re unique and gets prospects to TRUST you and your offers
  • Set the stage for you to make a simple, clear UNIQUE “Offer” – that will make a prospect say I GET It!
  • Allow you to demonstrate the VALUE of what you offer
  • “Close the deal” in a way that establishes a WAY COOL working relationship that can be maintained

Free Strategy and Content Review

Transform your copy in just a few days.  Change words, change how people look at you.