How to Create Long-term Relationships - NOT Just One-time Transactions

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Trust–based Marketing to build profitable long-term relationships

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New/edited copywriting Websites and Content Marketing – blogs, social media and articles with high interest You have seconds to engage visitors – get their attention to learn more about you

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Sales presentations and promotions, Sales Sheets Product PR, Brochures, flyers, and more Get prospects and other stakeholders excited and interesting in knowing more

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Plans, Marketing materials, Biographies. Corporate PR, technical and training and more Field powerful campaigns that generate interest and leads

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Real Estate digital website and blogs, team/personal bios Resumes for any level Put your talents on display, let people know why they should get to know you

Andy Chiodo

Andy Chiodo

Expert Creative Business Writer & Strategist

Writing Based on Driving The Decision to BUY.

We Help Businesses Turn Prospects into Collaborative Partners.

StrategicConsultant/Planner/Wrtiter We work with clients to create a positioning program designed to create and maintain a positive relationship with their target audiences. Content Development We have a range of instruments and processes to inform and focus marketing planning and communications strategies. Strategy and Content are designed to reach and convert key audiences on botgh the – emotional and rational levels. Our work generates enough TRUST with key audiences to engage them and move them into making buying decisions.
  • Make benefits clearly understood – so they GET IT
  • Generates a perception of VALUE
  • Impresses viewers with enough perceived uniqueness to be seen as WAY COOL
  • Leadsto creation of Value Positioning Statement

The great wheel of marketing displays how marketing actually works – the process an organization needs to follow to successfully establish and maintain a RELATIONSHIP that will turn prospects into long-term customers.

Buying Decisions Basically, “the decision to buy” is based on two things:
  • EMOTIONAL – People are inclined to buy based on emotion – the WANT what you offer
  • RATIONAL – Before they act on the inclination, they want evidence – in the form of benefits to THEM – that will justify their decision to become a customer and do business with you
  The Process:
  1. TRUST – Generate enough reasons for prospects to CONSIDER buying from you. We recommend using a Value Positioning Statement – a memorable phrase that draws attention and makes prospects want to learn more.
  2. GET IT – Explain clearly what you are offering in a SIMPLE that makes sense to them
  3. VALUE – Demonstrate the BENEFITS that you will provide, including YOUR own involvement
  4. WAY COOL – Close the deal with absolute conviction – it is the WAY COOL that establishes and maintains a real working relationship

The Great Wheel of Marketing


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