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A Different Kind of Copywriting

Public Relations work requires a different take on good writing.  It’s more about ideas and image than the usual advertising writing.  It is close to content marketing in that it has no “hard product sell,”  it plants seeds about  a product or service to get readers to think about what it is saying and how it might relate to them.

The objective of advertising or promotional copywriting is to point blank SELL products and/or services – whatever specific things the client wants a target audience to buy.

The objective of Product PR copywriting is to communicate information, to get the target audience thinking about the product or products it is introducing.

Sales copywriting is based on hard facts and information, and talks about tangible items from a “here’s why you want to buy this” point of view.  PR Copywriting is more like a reporter’s story and looks to build the image of the product and the brand/in positive way.

Product PR writing meshes nicely with other efforts to create buzz about the product through press releases, press conferences, articles, direct marketing and product-in-use videos as well as tying in with events and other forms of communication. 

At all levels, PR copywriting changes people’s minds, Product advertising and promotion copywriting changes what people buy.

Make Your Content a Priority.
I certainly will.

Increase Conversion Rates

We use “Sticky words©” to build your story – to gain and keep attention by creating a strong positive perception. “Sticky Words” are memorable and give prospects unique reasons to do business with you. “Sticky words©” that get people to want to find out more about what you do and how they might be able to benefit from it.

Reduce Bounce Rate

Copywriting that provides convincing reasons for visitors to engage with your work and read more – and more.


Drive More Traffic

Keywords and phrases that draw visitors to your site because you have content that relates to benefits they want.


Turn your traffic into loyal customers and return visitors. Don't miss out!

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