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It’s not just “Direct Response,” It’s Direct Emotional Response

Our Direct Marketing copywriting has a single goal – to tap into one or more basic human emotions and generate a successful response.

We write to get a good portion of the audience to TAKE ACTION- buy a product, learn more about a philosophy, vote for our candidates, sign up for a specific health club membership – whatever else our client is selling.

The appeal has to be somewhat subtle, but still clear.  We believe that people react instinctively when given a strong, well-crafted emotion-provoking message.  The properly written emotional appeal will work for audiences of any age or educational level IF it is written in the right way.

We know that Nostalgia with Baby boomers and Millennials.  Why?  Every generation has an idealized memory of a time that they identify as “the best.”  We what we call “Sticky Words©” – like rock ‘n’ roll, the ‘90’s, or a pop culture event like “The Wonder Years” or “Happy Days” to create an emotional bond with the client’s offer.

We can drive responses using other sticky words to take advantage of more commercial instincts like Greed or Instant Gratification.  Flattery “expensive, but you’re WORTH it” works well also as does Exclusivity – “only club members/special customers” get this offer.

Curiosity appeals are one of our favorites.  Many people feel that there are things that they don’t know they should or want to learn.  Great writing that plays on Guilt – “save the whales, help a wounded veteran” and other fundraising appeals are part of what we can do.

On another level, we believe that copy that hits Anger will work well.  When people get mad, they want to DO SOMETHING about the issue. 

Our job is to find the right drivers to get the audience boiling and then provide them with a way to “get even” or “correct an injustice” or take on something that’s “just not fair!”

Take Action Now

Ultimately there is a need to get the target audience to take action, NOW.  That’s where Fear and Salvation comes into play.  Sometimes Fear can be a driver on its own, BUT we use the fear of “missing out” on something great to get people anxious to act.  Then we give them Salvation – a way to avoid losing a great chance.

Our method is to provide salvation but with a catch – “Click here” or “Call this number NOW” are great ways to stimulate action.

“Limited time,” “only available for a few more days,” are powerful fear-based drivers as is the “salvation” of “act/buy/sign up/subscribe NOW or you may miss out forever.”

Make Your Content a Priority.
I certainly will.

Increase Conversion Rates

We use “Sticky words©” to build your story – to gain and keep attention by creating a strong positive perception. “Sticky Words” are memorable and give prospects unique reasons to do business with you. “Sticky words©” that get people to want to find out more about what you do and how they might be able to benefit from it.

Reduce Bounce Rate

Copywriting that provides convincing reasons for visitors to engage with your work and read more – and more.


Drive More Traffic

Keywords and phrases that draw visitors to your site because you have content that relates to benefits they want.


Turn your traffic into loyal customers and return visitors. Don't miss out!

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