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Direct Mail and Email Marketing

Which to use? It depends!

There are times when email works better and others when regular mail – postcards and/or letters – is more effective. So which one should you use? We believe that the target audience determines if you should use one or the other – or BOTH. We do email copywriting AND postcard/letter copywriting that gets the audience to ACT.

Client Be Prepared

It’s all about the audience. The first thing a client should do is get a GOOD list, whether it’s digital or snail mail (or both.) It’s unlikely that motorcycle enthusiasts will be interested in ballet clothes. So, one of the responsibilities of our clients is –do your homework and make sure that the people you target could use your product.

We also need to know the composition of the audience – college professors or garage mechanics, rock bands or potential donors. Then there is the big question – why does the client think that the folks on their list might be interested in what the client offers?

We’re going to write compelling copy about that offer, so we need to know what the payoff for recipient is – the positive benefit(s) they will receive – lower cost, spend less time, make more money, save a life, recall great memories or whatever. Then, we take over because we know how to build the benefits and get the best response.

Separated at birth?

As experienced direct marketing copywriters, we know that the nature of the audience has a lot to do with what will work better. The audience drives the medium the client should use – first.

We think using BOTH methods work best, especially because some key things that are important for both media.

We write email marketing subject lines that get attention. They’re simple, direct, intriguing and interesting enough to get the email read.

Our direct mail copywriting is based on getting attention IMMEDIATELY. We know how to get them to sign up, go to the client’s site or store – and do business.

If it’s on a postcard we write copy that’s disrupting enough to get attention and get it read instead of just being pitched. We write offers that are simple and get recipient to call, click or buy, donate or drive to the place where they can see/consider/buy.

The client has to decide on the media and the follow-up, but no matter what they choose we provide the best copy to get results.

Make Your Content a Priority.
I certainly will.

Increase Conversion Rates

We use “Sticky words©” to build your story – to gain and keep attention by creating a strong positive perception. “Sticky Words” are memorable and give prospects unique reasons to do business with you. “Sticky words©” that get people to want to find out more about what you do and how they might be able to benefit from it.

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Reduce Bounce Rate

Copywriting that provides convincing reasons for visitors to engage with your work and read more – and more.

Drive More Traffic

Keywords and phrases that draw visitors to your site because you have content that relates to benefits they want.

Blog/Article Copywriter​ services

Turn your traffic into loyal customers and return visitors. Don't miss out!

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