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You need to have “Sticky Words©” in your videos

Videos are a great way to demonstrate – and show off – your products and services in a quick and engaging manner.   (“Sticky Words© is our copyrighted description of how we write – concise, unique and memorable.)

Why They Work

Videos are a very effective way to train people, because viewers can see and hear the whole “story.” You can use them as: a “one-off,” a webinar, a series to cover multiple or complex topics or to onboard new employees.

Product videos embedded in your website help with SEO and let visitors know that YOU know what you’re doing.

But, they need to be well-written to REALLY Work

We’ve all seen, and really hated, videos where there is a “talking head” going on and on and on, without any structure to what they’re saying.  And, yes, we’ve also seen sloppy amateur videos where the presenter seems to be trying hard but is disorganized and not at all interesting.

Shooting a video that WORKS, with a professional videographer or a smartphone, requires professional writing.

  • Product video copywriting makes the presentation tight, on target and BRIEF.
  • Product Training video copywriting makes sure that viewers get engaged quickly, don’t get bored and actually learn and use the information and processes you’re explaining to them.

Putting all the information you want into a video is difficult. Making it interesting and exciting is even tougher.

It takes time, experience and doing the research to see what you need to show and say in a short period of time and still get the results you want. Plus, every video needs to have a strong CTA – Call to Action.

Charisma PR has years of experience doing copywriting for both product and training videos.

When you work with us, any video you want will have a well-written script with excellent structure – and get to the point quickly because   attention spans are short for customers and staff.

We not only will write “Sticky Words,” we can also help with how to use the visuals you need to show.  Plus, experience does count – we are frequently hired by professional video studios to write scripts that are too tough for them.


Make Your Content a Priority.
I certainly will.

Increase Conversion Rates

We use “Sticky words©” to build your story – to gain and keep attention by creating a strong positive perception. “Sticky Words” are memorable and give prospects unique reasons to do business with you. “Sticky words©” that get people to want to find out more about what you do and how they might be able to benefit from it.

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Copywriting that provides convincing reasons for visitors to engage with your work and read more – and more.

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Keywords and phrases that draw visitors to your site because you have content that relates to benefits they want.

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