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Value Position Examples from Happy Clients

What does the Sherwin-Williams company do best?

In addition to state-of-the-art paint, the folks working in their paint stores are experts who can answer any painting/ refinishing questions and give great advice.

Value Positioning Statement

“Ask Sherwin-Williams”

What People Want

Help to solve painting needs…

What does Eli Lilly’s Elanco division do best?

Besides supplying top-quality products, they support the whole animal production market through education, lobbying and donations.

Value Positioning Statement

“We’re riding YOUR side of the fence!”

What People Want

Reminded of ALL the reasons they should buy from you…

What does Monarch Title do best?

Yes, they provide very cost-efficient title insurance, BUT they also go the extra mile to eliminate any potential problems that could sabotage the transaction – at no extra charge.

Value Positioning Statement

“Close with Confidence”

What People Want

Security – no surprise challenges to their ownerships.  Ease – 20+ pages of forms that don’t take all day to understand

What does ChooseMySite do best?

What ChooseMySite does

Site design/re-design to produce more interest, generate more visitors, deliver more prospects on a consistent basis

Value Positioning Statement

“Creating Your Internet Success”

What People Want

A website that produces more LEADS

What does Davis Roofing and Restoration do best?

Roofing and Reconstruction

Honest, reliable and thorough – willing to go the extra mile to get the insurance companies to be fair

Value Positioning Statement

“We’ll Keep You Covered”

What People Want

Quality roof and home repairs at a fair price

What does JMS do best?

Leadership Development and Coaching

One-on-one, group and team coaching and organizational development consulting –  to provide the opportunity to gain the insights and organizational and personal success

Value Positioning Statement

“Learn and Grow”

What People Want

Ways to improve management and leadership skills

What does Curry & Associates do best?

Merchant Services – credit card processing and support

Less stress, optimum costs and complete customer guidance and service

Value Positioning Statement

“Accelerating Your Cashflow”

What People Want

Less hassle, confusion and costs with the best credit card processing


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Andy Chiodo is the founder and president of Charisma PR. He is an expert creative business writer with extensive and successful experience writing everything — a wide range of work that includes 30/60-second infomercials, all aspects of public relations, website copy, electronic and print ads and commercials, social media content, curriculum and course work for seminars and training, business plans, strategic plans, speeches and more.