Expert Copywriter Tips

Being a Star means getting people to take notice of you – and respond. 

We make stars by providing copy – words – that get attention and generate positive action.

In the world of Online Design, the goal is to create positive User Experience – UX. 

Positive UX gets people to look at what you have to say and “read more.”  It makes your online presence more user friendly and attractive.

Positive UX is what makes you “like” a website, a social media post or even a blog.

Likeability is what makes online presence successful. 

UX is important, but it’s not everything.

In the world of writing, online or offline, the goal is creating Content Engagement. 

Content Engagement gets people to respond in a measurable way.  It means people suspend their distrust of “advertising” – and listen or read.

The power of our star-making copy is creating Trust so prospects want to take in your offer.  Once they Get It they can understand how much Value they can get.   You become a Star because they reach out to buy – Way Cool!