We strive to meet client dates, no matter how tight the time frame!

It seems like EVERYBODY is in a hurry to get marketing messages, so we have decided that we CAN accommodate their need to have “stuff” done at the speed of light. The only thing we ask is…PLEASE take the time to read and respond in a timely manner.





We can also handle the need to take ideas and turn them into near-finished work, just by channeling what you want.  (World Class psychic Andini the Great is HERE!) 

The channeling is based on what you tell us, what your competitors say and <TAH DAH> experience. 

BUT we do need you to look and respond with any comments and/or edits in a timely manner – IF you want your dates met.



So, head for the Drive Up window and give us your order. 

We know how light switches, light speed and channeling work.  

Plus, we do enjoy challenges – honest!





Charisma PR – We Make STARS!

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