Simple, But NOT Easy

No offense, but there are probably lots of companies that do what you do.  Most of your competitors are going to do what’s easy.  They will publish a list.lists

You can call it a complete description of services, a way to explain what a company provides and how, whatever.  The fact is, it’s still a list, period.

You can show examples of your work, have testimonials and more – but to get to them, prospects have to trudge through a long list.  A simple list of offerings is not enough to get people to actually engage with you.


eiffel-towerYou Have to Be DIFFERENT

You need to build a clear and consistent image of HOW and why you are unique. Lots of things factor into being unique, like the tone, style the way you talk about – and sell — your capabilities.

Essentially, you have to talk about the things that your customers want.  Properly done, your content does more than just keep visitors looking at your site. It establishes initial trust, enough that they take the time to dig deeper and find out what your whole story is.  Plus, over time it continues to REINFORCE that trust for prospects – and regular customers – whenever they read it.

Your story should create an image for a visitor that says “Yeah, we have great stuff AND it’s just what you want.”   


Great pictures, videos and other graphics may catch the eye of a visitor, but content – your story – is what makes them consider doing business. Content is to websites, or any marketing piece really, what words are to songs, a way to create a clear and cohesive story. 

It bears repeating:  Content works with all the other elements on your site to define you and what you offer in a way that motivates CONTACT.