Why You Need Sticky Words©

I always tell people like clients, prospects, friends or whoever to be careful what they say.

No, I’m not talking about political correctness or the lack of it.  The fact is that most people today will only give you about 4 tenths of a second to impress them.  After that, they only wait until your message – verbal, online, whatever – concludes to tell you why they don’t or can’t want any.

You need to engage people RIGHT AWAY and that requires Sticky Words. ©


Because otherwise, your message will be viewed as NOT interesting, NOT exciting, NOT engaging and worst of all, NOT COOL.

What are Sticky Words? 

Level 1
Attention-getter – A Value Positioning Statement that describes what you offer in a way that gets people to keep on listening or reading


Level 2
Offer – Getting people’s attention is good, but you need to explain the benefits so they clearly understand what they are going to get

Level 3
Promise – Showing prospects and reminding clients they will a positive experience

Level 4
Way Cool – How buyers will feel about their experience – fulfilled and happy

Check out our website and see examples of how Sticky Words work.