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Copywriting for cover letters is a critical part of succeeding.  Typos, bad grammar, lousy spelling – all of those are the kiss of death.  But the worst things a cover letter can do is one – or more – of these things: lie about you or your experience, bore the reader, sound weird.

We want whoever reads your cover letter to go “Wow!”  They need to feel that you bring more to the party than someone to fit a seat.

The writing in a cover letter has to be crisp, to the point and – very important point – have something in it that resonates with all the people who will read it.

Paying attention to corporate culture, what they say about themselves and making sure you stand out – in a good way – is critical.


Transform your copy in just a few days.  Change words, change how people look at you.

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Andy Chiodo is the founder and president of Charisma PR. He is an expert creative business writer with extensive and successful experience writing everything — a wide range of work that includes 30/60-second infomercials, all aspects of public relations, website copy, electronic and print ads and commercials, social media content, curriculum and course work for seminars and training, business plans, strategic plans, speeches and more.